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Willing: Part I

Gals & Guys!

I hope your week was fabulous and productive. Mine has been hectic but I like it that way. I’ve worked really hard over the last 6 weeks to bring you something very special. As I’m come to the end of round two of editing my first novel (genre: paranormal romance), I’ve decided to create a sub-story that stems from my novel.

Willing is a story of a 33-year-old woman named Bille Carter, who lives in the DMV area, and her life is ultimately changed after partying all night at Black Orchid, a nightclub. The next morning brings about regrets and fear in Billie, but she quickly brushes off the experience and ignores the advice of her best friend, Allyson. A dark stranger takes an interest in Billie and pulls her back into the crazy world that she swore to forget. However, this stranger won’t be easily disregarded.

Hopefully, Willing will give you insight to world that I’m creating for my upcoming novel. I couldn’t resist giving you a little taste of what I’m about to unleash on the world!

Check out Willing on my Wattpad page. Leave your comments, vote, and tell ALL your friends. This is just 1 of 4 installments. I promise that it only gets more intriguing with each word.



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