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Skylar Jade here. As promised here is one of two VA Comicon interviews. I’m very excited to share my first official guest blog with you. Hope you like!

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(¸.•´ (¸.•’* Skylar Jade

P.S. Happy birthday Sam!!!!

In Sam’s Repertoire: Sam Ellis

FX series Archer
Adult Swim series Frisky Dingo and Xtacles

A little bit about Sam…

Living at the time in the Virginia Beach area, Sam took a bold leap by moving to Atlanta to begin his career with 70/30 Productions as an intern. This landed him a gig as the Lead Character Designer for Season 1 of Archer, which he developed the main characters’ look. For Frisky Dingo and Xtacles, he was a character designer, story artist, backgrounds, layouts, illustrator, and voice actor.

Archer FX - Season 1


I’d like to start off by introducing you to my readers: What your official industry title?

I like to call myself a Visual Storyteller Provocateur of Other Fine Things.

How did you become a character designer on animated series? How long have you been doing this?

I [attended] Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and then I worked for Chick-fil-A after graduating. [Meanwhile,] I sent Rob Liefeld my fan art and did research on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim series Sealab 2021. [That’s how I] found out about 70/30 Productions.

My application to the production company was [originally] rejected due to email glitches. But there was a phone number on the website that said: DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER. I did it anyway and ended up getting an interview.

At first, I was an intern with the company [before becoming a full-time employee] and then I worked on Archer, Frisky Dingo, and Xtacles.

Other than Archer, Frisky Dingo, and Xtacles, what other animated series have you/are you working on?

That’s top secret for now!

Which is your absolute favorite animated series that you’ve worked on?

Catbug-Kindle Sam Ellis

My favorite would be Bravest Warriors’ CatBug and Adventure Time comics. I’m a big family guy and I [like the fact that I] can share this with my kids.

Who is the most influential person that propelled you into this career?

When I was 4 or 5, my dad bought me a How to Draw Comics book—that started it for me. Walt Disney and the Disney channel were a big influence. The imagination brought things to life.

If you weren’t a character designer, what job would you’ve probably taken up?

I’d operate a Chick-fil-A [franchise].

This next question is vital—well, at least to me. Are you a Trekkie or a Jedi?

I’m a Jedi.

**Skylar Jade and Sam high five. **

Finally, what upcoming projects do you have in the works that my readers should know about?

There are the CatBug books, issues of Adventure Time comics and Robot Cowboy Samurai comic and cards in the works.

To find out more about CatBug, access this community Facebook page.


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