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Greetings on this Inclement Monday!

Over the weekend, I learned yet another valuable lesson in the single parent life: expect the unexpected any day, time, or place. I’ve wrangled task overload (juggling a full-time job, mommyhood, and daily activities), co-parenting, finding time for personal pursuits, and play dates. However, the unexpected taught me a lesson—always be ready and/or have plenty of supporters in your corner.

After an all-nighter in D.C. with friends, I was just beginning to dream of sugar plums and fairies when my phone rang at 6AM. It was my mother with bad news. My son was sobbing and complaining of a pain in his left ear. Without hesitation, I threw on some clothes and was out the door to scoop my little man up and take him to the ER. On the way to the hospital, I was fighting sleep from some prescribed medication, but, thankfully, I had my boyfriend to help out. Lifesaver!

Once my son was diagnosed and released, he was back to his old bouncy, comical, and cheerful self. And me, working on less than thirty minutes of rest, I just wanted to sleep at 8AM. Of course he didn’t want to go back to sleep! He wanted to play video games and came to remind me—what seemed like—every ten minutes. Fortuitously, my boyfriend donned his cape and save the day once again. (I’m one lucky lady!) This allowed me to sleep for at least five hours.

In the five years of being a single parent, I’ve never had anything like this happen—miraculous, I know. I’ve dealt with a monster vomit that would put the one Stand By Me scene to shame. I’ve been through public tantrums that garnered more attention than warranted. I’ve suppressed my laughter at my son’s witty comebacks and reprimanded him instead. I’ve even been stalked all day long by an evil version of my son and asked the same question over and over…but walking zombie mommy? Not so much.

Without the support of my mother, boyfriend, and other extended family and friends, I know I wouldn’t have survived that day. I may have not been prepared for what happened, but my supporters were. Thank you all (you know who you are) for having my back and taking the hit, so I could regain my sanity.

NOTE: Let’s just say, pulling all-nighters are pretty much in the wind—like my childless single life.


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