My Wordsmith Vantage Point

“You say goodbye, I say hello.” ~Beatles’ tune Hello, Goodbye.

A simple, kind act led me to pen this blog. Although my boyfriend and I have only been together for less than a year, it’s safe to say that my feelings grow stronger and deeper with each passing moment. There was a time where I doubted that I would ever feel this way again. However, he magically drew me into a world of ardor.

With no further ado, here are the reasons why I truly, madly, deeply love my boyfriend:

Hanging with the bf.

Hanging with the bf.

12. His eyes. There’s something about those hazel-green eyes that mesmerized me every time.

11. He calls me instead of texting for conversation. Nothing bothers me more than someone trying to converse via text, especially if we’re dating. Before I gave him my number, I specifically told him, “I don’t text. I prefer talking on the phone.” His initial text was to give me his number, after that the 1-3 hour phone conversations commenced. 🙂

10. He makes me laugh, even when I’m upset about something. When I’m having a bad day, my beau will say the most random/ridiculous thing that fills me with laughter. It’s definitely a needed highlight.

9. He’s a good cook. Besides grilling a mean steak, my man is pretty good with the sides as well. My favorite dishes of his are steak with sautéed veggies and baked chicken with squash casserole. #yum

8. He remembers just about everything. This can be bad but mostly it’s a good attribute. Even though I suffer from mommy brain syndrome (a condition that causes forgetfulness in mothers due to having children), he’ll remind me of what, when, where, and how. If he’s feeling rascally, he’ll use my lapse in memory to play a joke on me.

7. His patience and calmness. If the world had a rating for patience, my boyfriend and I would be at opposite ends of that spectrum. My patience is only good for children and rarely caters to adults. He’s most likely one of the top 100 understanding Virginians when it comes to family and friends.

Me & Brian

Sharing moments together is priceless.

6. He’s confident without being cocky. How he styles his hair, dresses up for special date nights, dances, smiles while laughing, opens every door for me, surprises me, behaves as a gentleman, and finds ways to be silly are all a part of his swagger. NOTE: Swag comes in all forms but should never be confused with conceit.

5. He’s always honest, even if it does hurt my feelings (I prefer it this way). This one is self-explanatory.

4. His selflessness and modesty. It amazes me how quick he thinks of others and seldom wants the spotlight in his direction. There was one time he went without sleep to help out with my son while I slept, after we’d both been up for more than 16 hours. Man, I’m lucky!

3. He accepts and interacts with my son. It’s hard dating as a single mother, for various reasons. When you find someone who’s willing to be in a committed relationship and they understand/accept that your child is included, then you have a rare partner. He’s supportive of my son, as well as proactive in his life. I couldn’t ask for anything more of him.

2. He makes ME a priority in his life. For the first time, I feel like I’m a true priority in my partner’s life. Not only do we share a healthy relationship, we talk about important things such as finances, life milestones, and the future. I never have to worry that he isn’t thinking of me.

1. He always puts down the toilet seat! And this here, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason for this blog. Ask most women what drives them insane about their boyfriends, husbands, or partners, I bet this is number one on this list. #LOL



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