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For the Love of Food


Dear reader,

If you’re anything like me when it comes to the Food Network then Alton Brown needs no introduction. Apparently, he found his way to Richmond, VA. And I’m sorry missed it. My inner foodie had scolded me…endlessly.

Here’s a recap for any of you that missed his visit too: Alton Brown Eats RVA



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How To Navigate the D.C. Streets

I’ve never been scared of driving in an unknown metropolis. But I can tell you the countless people, that I know, that are scared to drive in them. Washington DC can be a very hard city to navigate, especially with everything that goes on between the hours of 6 AM and midnight.
Check out this American University radio piece about how to navigate the streets of DC. Hopefully, this can ease a few drivers’ fears of roaming the nation’s capital.

How To Navigate D.C.’s Street System

How To Get Your Kid to Talk About Their School Day?

I was watching the ABC nightly news on a Friday night. And there was a segment about 25 ways to ask your child their school day without asking, “How was school day?” It was a very resonating piece as I struggle every day to get my son to tell me about his day.
I worry about not knowing my child as he begins to discover himself and the world around him. And I’m sure plenty of other parents feel the same way. So check out this piece: 25 ways to ask your child “How was your day?” without asking “How was your day?”

Number nine and ten are my favorite.


Fun Facts: Pizza


For the love of pizza

For the love of pizza

Cowabunga dudes and dudettes!

In the spirit of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie I’d like to share some fun facts about pizza (TMNT’s favorite food). As many of you may know, the modern-day pizza originated in Naples, Italy and the circular bread topped with tomato sauce and cheese has been prominent around the world ever since. It also happens to be my son and boyfriend’s favorite food. This isn’t surprising news since 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.

Other fun facts about pizza:

  • In 1889, Pizza Margherita was created in honor of Queen Margherita, who strongly preferred her pie be covered in the colors of the Italian flag: red (tomato), green (basil), and white (mozzarella).
  • October is National Pizza month in the U.S.
  • Pizza derives from the Latin root word picea, meaning the blackening of crust by fire.
  • Domino’s Pizza is the world leader in pizza delivery.
  • The longest pizza delivery was from Cape Town, South Africa to Sydney, Australia. For more interesting facts, check out Pizza Fun Facts.



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9 Must-Have Apps to Help You Weather Severe Storms

According to USAA, there are nine apps one should have on hand to help weather severe storms. After reading this article, I couldn’t agree more about having these apps on one of my electronic devices.

9 Must-Have Apps to Help You Weather Severe Storms

My 10 Favorite Films

Hiya folks!

As long as I can remember movies have had a huge influence on my life. In fact, from ages 6 to 17 I wanted to be an actor badly–so much so that my first major in college was theater performance. That idea quickly kicked the bucket when my writing style began to develop. However, my love of motion pictures never flickered away.

Some will argue that movies are cultural artifacts that reflect the world around us, and others will debate that it’s all about Hollywood making a buck. More importantly, movies have a way of affecting us whether it is positive or negative (hopefully inspiring us for the better). My expectation and attitude vary depending upon the film. I’m no snob when it comes to the silver screen. I enjoy all types of cinema: romantic comedy, romance, thriller, horror, foreign, action, comedy, independent, and so on. I have only one goal in mind when it comes to watching movies: satisfaction.

With no further delay, here are my 10 favorite films over the span of my 33 years that I will happily re-watch any day of the week:

10. Any of the Twilight movies. I know it’s juvenile but I’m a sucker for the intertwining romance of humans, vampires, and werewolves.
My love for scary nocturnal creatures go way back to Dracula, A Werewolf in Paris, and Once Bitten.


9. Girlfight (2001) Michelle Rodriguez’s feature debut as Diana Guzman, a pugnacious teen who decides to become a professional boxer despite her misogynistic environment. You have this girl who doesn’t fit in anywhere and is without a mother. Diana’s jagged and lost, and I rooted for her in the ring, at home, at school, and to win the boy. Who can resist a female taking charge of her own destiny?

8. The NeverEnding Story (1984) If you’ve never seen this movie the you need to run–not walk–to your nearest Redbox or search Netflix for it because it’s worth the 107 minutes of viewing pleasure. It’s got a fantasy world (Fantasia), a young warrior (Atreyu), an assassin wolf (Gmork), a talking luck-dragon (Falkor), and child empress all rolled into one story. Can anyone say remake?


7. Wicker Park (2004) This remake of the 1996 French film L’Appartement is about a love triangle. I don’t know what’s up with me and twisted love stories but this one has me biting my nails every time. After two years away, will Matt find his one true live, Lisa, while following clues to her whereabouts in Chicago? How successful will Alex be in keeping them apart? I’m on the edge of my seat up til the very end at O’Hare Airport.

6. My Fair Lady (1964) Between the ages of 12 and 15 I was really into musicals, and this was my absolute favorite. I’d pretend to be Eliza Doolittle belting out Wouldn’t It Be Lovely and On the Street Where You Live. Thank goodness for George Bernard Shaw!

5. Shrek trilogy movies (excluding Shrek the Halls and Scared Shrekless) I got into this animated movie light years before my son was born, so I can’t blame it on him. What can I say? I enjoy being a kid at heart. 😊

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) What would my childhood be without a classic 80s movie? Boring. My brother, cousin, and I would huddle around the TV with popcorn and Kool-Aid to watch this horror classic. We were deranged for watching it but we didn’t care.


3. Love the Hard Way (2001) Adrien Brody and Charlotte Ayanna play characters from different worlds–she’s an innocent student and he’s a petty thief, both living in NYC. While she shows him the joys of enjoying life and being loved, he darkens the relationship with his evolvement in con-artist crimes. It isn’t your typical boy-meets-girl love story. It’s dark and moody–that’s what I love about it! And the ending is also quite fitting.

2. Star Wars Trilogy (1979-1983) This epic film convinced me that I had to be an actor. It had everything: plot, action, romance, and great/memorable characters. I can’t say that for the prequels that came out in 1999-2005. But what I will say is this: Disney better get these next three sequels right or else!


1. To Die For (1989) Don’t get this movie confused with that skanky 1995 Gus Van Sant film of the same title, starring Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix. I’m talking about the horror-romance film directed by Deran Sarafian, starring Brendan Hughes. Okay, so you don’t know who these people are and that’s not important. But what is important is that it started my obsession for the human-vampire relationship. If only I could purchase this on DVD then I’d be in heaven!

What are some of your favorite films?


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10 Reasons Why I Adore My iPhone

Hi there fellow Earthlings!

I remember 2001 like it was yesterday. I’d bought my first PDA (personal digital assistant) made by Palm and I though it was the best thing since sliced bread. However, the newness wore off pretty quickly due to it being clunky, a pain to update, and not very compatible with other computer software that I used in college and at work. Fastfoward 13 years later…and you find that electronics have forever changed our day-to-day routine.

I can’t keep my present day straight without consulting my calendar, which is convinently located on one of three nifty devices: my Kindle tablet, iPod, and iPhone. Actually, I don’t know how I’d make it without any of them.

My Kindle Fire, courtesy of B. Payne.

My Kindle Fire, courtesy of B. Payne.

In honor of life with an electronic, I came up with the top 10 reasons why I adore having any of my devices.

10. I like the way my iPhone 5c looks

Mine is white, but you get the picture.

Mine is white, but you get the picture.

9. My Kindle Fire makes it easier to play game and stalk people on FB.

8. I can turn any of my devices in any direction and the screen will follow suit.

7. iTunes makes my music experience enjoyable and is very addictive. (I could literally spend hours searching for songs or artists and creating playlist that are soundtracks of my life)

6. I can customize my home and lock screens (only on my Apple devices) to whatever appeals to me at the moment.

5. Siri will be my friend and converse with me.

4. There are a multitude of great built-in applications that make my life easier (i.e. – email, calendar, weather, reminder and Google map apps).

3. There’s an app for just about anything (weirdest one I have: a prank calling app).

2. Everything syncs from my phone contacts to my email and calendar.

1. All of my devices are simple to use!

My iPod started it all.

My iPod started it all.

What are some of the reasons you adore your electronic devices?

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The ANY Experience

Good Friday Eve!!

It’s been a while, but I’m back on the scene of my blog and with good news! I have been steadily working in my wordsmith lair and have penned something blog worthy.

I intend on posting the short story tomorrow. So, be on the lookout. This romance tale will give you insight into the ANY Experience.



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