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Book on My Nightstand: How To Be Black

I first heard about this book when I haphazardly turned the radio dial to NPR one afternoon. Comedian/author Baratunde Thurston talked about and read an excerpt from his satirical memoir How To Be Black.


When I heard Thurston read about his first experience with the term “Oreo”, I burst out laughing. I knew exactly what he was talking about. I didn’t need any further convincing and I knew that I had to have that book. Not only did I feel that Thurston’s story mirrored my own, I shared in his sense of humor on growing up black in America.
Once I had my copy in hand, I couldn’t stop laughing. Much of Baratunde’s Washington, D.C. roots and his attendance of a prominently white school instantly related to my story. He has a way of giving the reader a view of his world without any aggressive undertones or hard agendas. He even made part of the book a practical guidebook for anyone looking to befriend or work with a black person, become the next black president or challenge anyone who says they speak for all black people.
Take a listen here to the author’s NPR interview. You can also purchase How To Be Black on Amazon.


~ Anita

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