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What I Learned About Love


Love is always on the horizon

Love first happened to me in my early twenties. I thought I knew everything about it because I was an adult and it was my first real relationship. Man, did I go through some trials and errors to find out differently. A decade, one kid, and several life lessons later, I’ve found that there are many layers to love.

My first time truly falling in love I became enthralled with the throes and heart trimmers that came along. It was an amazing and unique experience; however, I chose to overlook the pitfalls of selfishness and dishonesty because I thought that was what you did in love’s namesake. I loved unconditionally, but, eventually, it ended with a painful reality. Lesson: Love can easily turn into heartbreak and betrayal.

When my son was born, the first thing I did was cry. It was a magical, overwhelming moment that words couldn’t describe. I just know that my heart was so full of love which transcended any human comprehension. Through the adventures of parenthood, I’ve found that a child’s genuine love can make many things in life seem trivial. This kind of love makes you see the world in an unorthodox way.

The saying “you can’t choose your family” is definitely true, but often times there’s a reason for the family you were born into. For every relative that I haven’t meshed well with, there is another that I’ve established an amazing connection with. Through the joys of sibling-like relationships and heartbreak of disappointment, I’ve learned family will always be your first test of love and loyalty.

The honesty and natural growth of friendship that I’ve received in my lifetime is immeasurable. There’s over seven billion people on this planet and only a scant few have become my close friends. They accepted me and allowed me to be who I am, in all my imperfection. The impact of their love and sincerity has forever changed my life. I’ve learned to cherish my friends because a great friend is difficult to find.

Now that I’m in my early thirties, my perspective on love has positively shifted. I’ve learned that love comes in many forms, but it’s up to me to value it while I have it. There will always be givers and takers in relationships, yet I have influence on the balance between the two. In love, I’ve encountered a blissful passion beyond compare and a darkness that knew no bounds in sadness. Love and I had our falling out, and it lasted for a while. Ultimately, I’ve learned that if I don’t give it another try then I won’t know the next great love of my life. With one new relationship on the horizon, I pray for an absolute and complete love that will last for as long as it needs to.



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Grateful for Motherhood

Five years ago I was living in San Diego and eight months pregnant. Even though I was in full launch of the nesting mode, I couldn’t even imagine how love for my son would irrevocably change me. The miracle of life flipping in my belly was only the beginning of a new chapter called Motherhood.

My son has grown from a cheery newborn to an inquisitive toddler to a precocious Pre-K student. He’s taught me that nothing is more important than family. So, no matter what negativity I face during any given day, it all melts away when I see his beaming face. He’s never short on personality. Always tells me why he’s mad at me (and it makes sense 75% of the time). And, unexpectedly, surprises me every day.

Early in my pregnancy I had a scare about losing my child. And because of that, I feel extremely thankful and blessed because he could’ve been taken away from me in a blink. Motherhood has taught me to be patient, thoughtful, loving, and kind. Although I have more patience for kids than I do adults, I’ve learned to be a little more patient with myself because I do make mistakes and I must accept that I’ll never be perfect. I’ve always been a thoughtful person, but now it’s bumped up to about 95%. I dedicated the first year of my son’s life to photographing every moment possible and then created a 1st year book, which I gave to both of his grandmothers. Until birthing a child into this world, I didn’t even know what love really was (I know it sounds clichéd but it’s true!). The absolute love exchanged between he and I is mind-blowing and poignant. I’d give my last dime and breath of life for him; something I’ve never felt for anyone before. Lastly, my son has softened my heart and allowed me to know and enact kindness.

Every day, I find that the focus is about making this journey of life with him and discovering a peace/love/completion that can’t be bought. He gives me purpose and he’s a blessing that has altered my life for the better. And for that, I am truly and unapologetically grateful.


Little Actor & his Biggest Fan

Little Actor & his Biggest Fan

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