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Top 10 Reasons To Forgive

Greetings Everyone,

A few years ago, I found myself in a situation where someone I once cared about asked for my forgiveness. About 85% of me didn’t want to grant any pardon, but then I realized it would be more for me than that person. After a two days of reflection, I responded with the bible verse Matthew: 14-15. Instantly, I felt lighter as if a huge burden was lifted and I was glad for it.


Let's hug it out!

Let’s hug it out!

A segment on the D.L. Hughley Show inspired me to write today’s blog about forgiving. And for those of you who are having trouble absolving your fellow man, check out the following ten reasons to do it anyway:

10. It helps you avoid being a victim.

9. It helps you to be in the present, enjoying the now.

8. Holding onto it won’t make you feel better.

7. It lowers symptoms of depression.

6. It helps you stop punishing yourself.

5. It helps your regain your power.

4. It improves your health.

3. It decreases hostility.

2. It improves relationships with others.

1. It allows you to get your happiness back.


D.L. Hughley Show: The Top 10 Reasons to Forgive

I hope this benefits someone out there.



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