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Quality Over Quantity

Welcome to 2014 Everyone,

When it comes to relationships I’m a firm believer in quality. Recently, I fortunately left the dating pool but while I was held captive there, one thing constantly disturbed me. What bothered me was that people didn’t invest in the quality of the human connection and, instead, they much rather revolve multiple people in their dating scheme.

I’m not saying that I’ve never went out on casual dates with a few men within the same time period but I always made sure they knew I was openly dating and I never got too deep. My intentions were to always put quality into my time with them in order to find my best match. And if a guy expressed fleeting interest then it was a wrap, which helped dwindle down my picks. Nowadays, it seems, my generation (Gen Y) and generation Z are so ensnared with instant gratification that it leaks over into our human connections. I was so fed up with how the dating process overlooked quality that I changed my approach. I refused to be taken prisoner by this so-called warped 2013 version of courtship.

So, I decided that if a potential suitor didn’t put effort into me, I wouldn’t inconvenience myself. There’s nothing less romantic than a man who won’t invest in getting to know you. Respect was also a requirement and if a guy couldn’t respect my time or me then he was discharged quicker than an AWOLed soldier. Also, I implemented a slow and steady pacing. Any man who wanted me would understand that I’m worth the wait. If he thought otherwise then he got the boot. I never saw the glamour of dating several guys at once over a unknown amount of time. I mean, you know when you have chemistry with someone worth pursuing.

And let’s not forget how much our lives are saturated with social media and texting. This puts dating into hyper drive and undoubtedly breaks the personal touch of connection. As a major cardinal rule, I don’t communicate through text messages or social media during the beginning because it’s impersonal and just plain stupid. Any man that can’t communicate in person or over the phone is not worth my time.


Connecting one keystroke at a time

Check out this NYTimes story on dating in 2013: The End of Courtship

Well folks, I’m just saying that if you don’t want to end up alone…it’s high time you take a long, thoughtful look at your dating practices. Quality is always better than quantity.



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