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Grateful for Motherhood

Five years ago I was living in San Diego and eight months pregnant. Even though I was in full launch of the nesting mode, I couldn’t even imagine how love for my son would irrevocably change me. The miracle of life flipping in my belly was only the beginning of a new chapter called Motherhood.

My son has grown from a cheery newborn to an inquisitive toddler to a precocious Pre-K student. He’s taught me that nothing is more important than family. So, no matter what negativity I face during any given day, it all melts away when I see his beaming face. He’s never short on personality. Always tells me why he’s mad at me (and it makes sense 75% of the time). And, unexpectedly, surprises me every day.

Early in my pregnancy I had a scare about losing my child. And because of that, I feel extremely thankful and blessed because he could’ve been taken away from me in a blink. Motherhood has taught me to be patient, thoughtful, loving, and kind. Although I have more patience for kids than I do adults, I’ve learned to be a little more patient with myself because I do make mistakes and I must accept that I’ll never be perfect. I’ve always been a thoughtful person, but now it’s bumped up to about 95%. I dedicated the first year of my son’s life to photographing every moment possible and then created a 1st year book, which I gave to both of his grandmothers. Until birthing a child into this world, I didn’t even know what love really was (I know it sounds clichéd but it’s true!). The absolute love exchanged between he and I is mind-blowing and poignant. I’d give my last dime and breath of life for him; something I’ve never felt for anyone before. Lastly, my son has softened my heart and allowed me to know and enact kindness.

Every day, I find that the focus is about making this journey of life with him and discovering a peace/love/completion that can’t be bought. He gives me purpose and he’s a blessing that has altered my life for the better. And for that, I am truly and unapologetically grateful.


Little Actor & his Biggest Fan

Little Actor & his Biggest Fan


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